NASA will launch a 3D Printer into Space to Assist Astronauts

ImageNext year, NASA will be launching a 3D printer to the Space Station in hopes of giving astronauts more tools to work with. The printer will apparently give astronauts a “flying factory of infinite designs”. NASA is already working on 3D-printed mini satellites in their labs. These satellites are meant to be launched from the Space Station and then expected to send data back to Earth. 3D printing also helps NASA develop protective equipment like replacement rocket parts that can survive extreme temperature. I think this usage of 3D printing is really cool and intriguing. Do you think NASA’s creative 3D printing ideas will inspire others to forge their own unique 3D printing ideas?

Reported by FOX News


The Choosen Topic for My Proposal and Research

I have chose to write a great story with characters that readers care about. I chose it because I like writing a lot and I have gotten great feedback in the past about my writing. My topic will affect all my blog readers simply because that’s what blogging is mainly about–blogging is giving your story out or creating ideas worthy to present to the public. The level of difficulty will be intermediate because I am used to blogging but not to a level where I have to keep a cohesive story with my audience. It’s a unique thing to blogging.

Induction Into The National Honors Society

ImageToday, I will be officially inducted into The Nation Honors Society. An organization that greatly benefits my student persona. This induction for me means great things as colleges and future organizations see that I am one who takes their responsibilities seriously. I am very honored to be viewed as a member of a prestigious organization such as NHS. I wonder what this means for other prominent events for my career. I gain a lot of confidence from being accepted. How much confidence do you gain from being accepted into your organizations, events, and/or teams?

The Unusual: Toad Attempts to Swallow an Entire Bat

cane-toad-batIn Peru, a northwestern park ranger saw a bizarre sight of a bat being swallowed whole by a cane toad. Yufani Olaya, the ranger, took a photo this crazy scene. Olaya shared the photo with biologist Phil Torres. Torres noted that these types of toads eat a variety of species. However, it’s very rare to see them eat a bat. Although toads are know to wait outside of caves, fringe-lipped bats, have also been known to eat toads. Fortunately for the bat, he was able to escape from the toad’s mouth after the toad gave up from swallowing.

Story reported by Fox News. Photo credit goes to Yufani Olaya.

Apple sells 9 Million New iPhone 5S’s and 5C’s in its First Weekend


Apple’s biggest iPhone release ever has resulted in their most successful. The sales of the new models have nearly doubled the sales of the previous generation of iPhones already. Apple sold 5 million iPhone 5’s last year during its first weekend, and now, their demand has exceeded supply. Analysts predicted Apple would sell between 5-8 million iPhones this year, and yet their sales have surpassed those predictions. I think this could be strongly because of the new iPhone 5C model. This was a strong move by Apple considering the 5S model can be too expensive for many. Good reception from Apple’s new iOS 7 operating system update could also be breaching that success too.

Here’s the source; reported by The New York Times

Fighting Continues in The Westgate Kenyan Mall


Four days after the very brutal shooting in The Westgate Mall in Nairobi, Kenya, the fighting is reported to still be raging on. There has been reported to be five gunmen, and a dead toll that has now reached 68 people (reported by CNN). Kenya’s interior ministry claims that they are “in control of Westgate,” and the Kenya National Disaster Operation Center has said that they believe all hostages have been released, and a report of 170+ people injured; 50+ people reported missing (reported by The New York Times).

5 Topics for My Proposal and Research

  • I have an idea for an app for tablets, smartphones, and other devices I think the public would enjoy.
  • I’d like to write a great story that will feature intriguing and compelling characters, with a deep story exploring the meaning of life.
  • I want to experiment on what makes students work efficiently and effectively the best when working.
  • I haven’t been watching the news very much lately. I think there should be something that catching people’s attention with the news better.
  • I think geometry is my favorite subject in mathematics (even though I dislike math in general). I think certain sub-categories of math should be separated. Take economics for example.

Graphic Designing and Computer Programming

Firstly, I’d like to say that graphic designing is just one of my main career paths. I equally like to be a video game designers or programmer also. I’d like to work for a big electronics company like Google, Samsung, or Sony. Why would I like to pursue these careers? I am heavily interested in technology and the science behind it. I am always updating myself on the latest gadgets being announced. It’s something I have always enjoyed doing. Along side that, I’ve always liked graphics and art. Whether it’s physical or digital art, I have a strong interest for it. So, I thought to maybe conjoin those two career paths and be graphic designer who designs promos or presentations for a large electronics company.

Coldplay’s “Atlas” is the leading song of “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” Official Soundtrack


Coldplay debuted their new song, “Atlas”, a few weeks ago as apart of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire official soundtrack. Catching Fire the highly anticipated sequel of The Hunger Games. Ellie Goulding and Lana Del Rey are two other artists rumored to appear on the soundtrack. Analysts predict Catching Fire to gross a massive $950 million at box office.

Video Games Improves Your Intelligence

Business Insider¬†has garnered 11 ways video games can improve health and smartness. These ways were gathered by research made from various universities and scientists. Some of the benefits include: Vision improvement, quicker decision making, and improvement for a surgeon’s laparoscopic skills. Typically, video games are given a bad rep because of them often being a culprit for violence or time-wasting. Here’s another reason to reconsider those ideas:

Source: Reported by Business Insider