Core Values

Compassion. Curiosity. Courage. Integrity. Perseverance. What do these values mean? These values are a way to structure oneself to prepare them for a large endeavor–life. You may believe these values are only important to school or a job or a passion, but they attribute to much more. They reflect your future, your life. There a clear way to live life. A stationary code of ideas to life of off. Compassion is having empathy and sympathy for others. It’s having respect for the people who are struggling and the ones who have got to where they desired to be. It’s having the ability to work with others, regardless of disagreement of opinions or beliefs or ideas. It’s having respect for their separate, but rational insight. Curiosity is being interested in the world. It’s having inquiries about how things work and how they operate; how other people view the world they are in and how they behave. It’s asking questions about those things because it’s beneficial to know more, because then you’ll understand more. Integrity is having respect to yourself when your inconspicuous of others. It’s not just doing the right thing when others aren’t looking, it’s trust to others that you’ll remain in your character as respect to others when necessary. Perseverance is having the stamina to strive through your endeavor to accomplish your purpose. It’s when you keep doing what is necessary to reflect getting through your obstacles to the position you want to be in.


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