Analyzing Rhetoric

Yesterday, I completed my very first essay/analysis of someone using rhetorical language. I felt that it was a very interesting topic to write and analyze on. I don’t know how well I did, but I feel that I wrote my analysis really well based on positive feedback from my rough draft. Have you ever done a rhetorical language analysis? If not, does it sound interesting enough that you would try it?


Creating a Narrative

I have been researching on how authors like to write stories. This is actually something I have thought on for quite a long time. Taking ideas that happen in your life typically through the day is a way of structuring a story and a theme. Although, fiction is not real, some fictional stories still have understandable stories, conflicts, and themes from life. That’s how we’re able to understand the story. Imagination is the key with fiction. My imaginative ideas are what will guide me to make my characters and setting.

Effective Advertising – Professional

In my AP Literature class a couple weeks ago, we discussed the three appeals originally from the Greeks. These three appeals (Ethos, Logos, and Pathos) is what people use to argue or persuade an audience to believe something. This is evidently seen in advertising. Companies will use one (or all) of these appeals to connect to their audience. To sum things up in a simple context, ethos is personally connecting to the audience to persuade. Logos is persuasion through logic. Pathos is connecting to the audience through their emotions, and this appeal is what many advertisers specifically aim for. When you find that you can grab someone emotional, they’ll really pay attention to you. That’s how the animal abuse commercials get so much talk. The emotions they pull from those commercials are poignant.

People using Instagram to sell guns


Gun owners are taking advantage of social media sites to sell their firearms to people who are interested. Instagram’s policy doesn’t say anything about promoting guns on their network, which doesn’t make this act necessarily illegal. However, others may question if it’s right or not. Instagram is a public network, which means anyone can search for these weapons and see them (unless the profiles are set to private). Instagram also isn’t the only social network being used for this purpose. The Verge did a search on both Twitter and Facebook and got similar results. I personally think this shouldn’t be allowed because these are social networks not created for that particular purpose. If someone wants to sell their guns, they should do so on an appropriate site for selling firearms. What do you guys think?

Story reported by The Verge

Apple’s 5th Generation iPad to be Unveiled Today

Today, at 1pm eastern time, Apple is set reveal their next generation iPad at their event in San Francisco that features the tagline, “We still have a lot to cover.” New rumors regarding the new iPad (and apparently other new generation Apple products too) have surfaced online. These rumors vary from the new iPad having a better retina display to the size being similar to the iPad Mini. Apple noted in their tagline that they have many things they still need to show, including possibly new Macs and updated OS software. I don’t feel like the 5th generation iPad will be a major overhaul over the last generation. I think this upgrade will be small bits. What do you guys think?

Story reported by GottaBeMobile


New Jersey becomes the 14th State to Allow Same-Sex Marriage

New Jersey governor, Chris Christie, dropped his administration’s efforts to end same-sex marriage. A lower court ruled that same-sex couples could begin getting married at midnight on Monday. Many couples took their vows at midnight during Monday.  My opinions on marriage are that people should be able to love and marry who their hearts desire. What are your opinions on marriage?

Story reported by USA Today

Popular Storybook Elements

I’ve done research regarding certain story elements (plot, characters, themes, conflict, setting, etc.) and I was curious as to which element do people enjoy the most. Take the poll below to choose your answer.

Community Service Act

I plan on working for an office in Yeadon, PA as a community service act. It will be nice to assist others in some fashion. I believe I would be doing some office work on the computer or perhaps, being an secretary of some sorts. Either way, I will be helping a group of people towards their goal. I enjoy doing community service because it makes me feel useful in my community, which is great.

Google will reportedly unveil their own smartwatch

With the smartwatch competition heating up with Samsung’s Galaxy Gear Smartwatch, Google is reportedly working on their own smartwatch. The smartwatch is most likely going to pair with one’s Android phone. The Google Nexus Watch is a rumored name for it. It’s also rumored to release later on this month next to the Nexus 5 and Android 4.4 KitKat.

Story reported by CNET

Apple hires Burberry CEO, Angela Ahrendts

Burberry CEO hire a ‘coup’ for Apple. Apple wants new management for their retail and online presence. Angela Ahrendts historical success with Burberry has been excellent with Burberry’s sales figures rising tremendously during Ahrendts’ tenure. Apple says that they need someone like Ahrendts to do this job as Apple’s competition in the smartphone industry gets more intense with companies like Google and Samsung stepping up. Ahrendts will start her position with Apple Inc. in the spring.

Story reported by USA Today