People using Instagram to sell guns


Gun owners are taking advantage of social media sites to sell their firearms to people who are interested. Instagram’s policy doesn’t say anything about promoting guns on their network, which doesn’t make this act necessarily illegal. However, others may question if it’s right or not. Instagram is a public network, which means anyone can search for these weapons and see them (unless the profiles are set to private). Instagram also isn’t the only social network being used for this purpose. The Verge did a search on both Twitter and Facebook and got similar results. I personally think this shouldn’t be allowed because these are social networks not created for that particular purpose. If someone wants to sell their guns, they should do so on an appropriate site for selling firearms. What do you guys think?

Story reported by The Verge


One thought on “People using Instagram to sell guns

  1. I think social networks were made to be social, much like billboards on bus stops, etc. Because people frequent (or view) the former and latter they are prime marketing real estate, so to speak. I agree with what companies and individuals are doing (or plan to do) with selling guns. The amount of traffic alone will increase the market to get their goods sold. An appropriate place to sell firearms or real estate is in the past, much like the appropriate place to promote a political agenda…where is that anyway?

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