The Rapid Change in Technology — Good or Bad?

I think I speak for many people when I say that technology evolves quickly. So quickly that I think it doesn’t give people time to understand it. What I mean by that is technology isn’t the simplest thing for a lot of people to understand. It seems like once you get suited with you’re new gadget, there’s always a ‘successor’ or a better version of it that comes out later. The best examples of this is in the mobile phone industry. A new smartphone is introduced into its series annually now. If you just got an iPhone 5S, expect an iPhone 6 next year, and a 6S the year after. Also, now that Samsung’s Galaxy S and Note series has reach the same popularity of the iPhone, expect new versions of those every year too. Google’s flagship phone series, the Nexus, also will be a yearly product. I think companies see this as a way to take advantage of consumer’s ideology that these successors are critical to advancement. The idea used to be that if an invention was made, it would take a considerably long time to finalize it. Now, it’s about taking ideas and evolving them. Thus, makes for less innovation. Is this system good? I think companies like Apple should take more time to accumulate their ideas and decisions to make another innovative product like the original Apple iPhone. This system now is like an evident way for companies to feed off of consumers’ money.


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