Movies vs. Books — The Appeal to Detail

Many would agree that books will give one more detail in narrative. I’ve personally became interesting reading Divergent by Veronica Roth. This may be because I found just recently found out about a film that their making of Divergent. I like to read books and then watch movies to compare and contrast the differences and similarities of the story. Obviously, the book is able to feed more into the reader, but I like to see what the director does to take as much powerful detail from the story and incorporate it into the movie as he/she can. However, I think a movie can be more exciting because the director is able to do a lot (depending on the budget I suppose) to exhibit all that imagery that the book is built off. I am researching this to see ways how books can be just as exciting as movies, and ways how movies can garner as much detail as books as ways to expand my idea of blogging a story. Do you guys think it’s possible for movies and books to do what each opposite does best?


One thought on “Movies vs. Books — The Appeal to Detail

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