10,000+ People Confirmed Dead from Philippines Typhoon


Typhoon Haiyan, the typhoon responsible for the horrific destruction of the central area of the Philippines, has left over a staggering 10,000 number of people confirmed dead, and 600,000 properties and buildings displaced and ruined. The destruction is apparently so devastating that it is hindering rescue squads and from landing properly to provide relief supplies and aid. This violent typhoon struck a heated debate on CNN about global warming, essentially man’s effect on natural climate. Many people believe that we don’t take care in our Earth well enough, and subsequently, we see an extremely large increase on the devastation level of these natural disasters. I personally believe this too. In this modern day, we are receiving some of the worst ever recorded natural disasters in history. They were never this bad, and it’s almost impossible to predict the tragic damage now. How much worse do you think it can get? A question I absolutely hate to ask but feel that I should. We cannot afford to ignore the reality of situations like this. My prayers go out to the many that have been affected by this tragedy.

Image and story reported by CNN


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