Sony PlayStation 4 Expected to Launch This Friday

Many gamers are anticipated to usher in a new generation of video games starting this Friday. The PlayStation 4 features a parallolgram like design. Sony is expected to sell at least 3 million by the end of the year, making for the largest launch for a PlayStation console. The PS4 has been in high demand and sold out in many places for months now. Players can expect many features come upon launch on Friday like streaming Netflix, downloading games in the background as you play, broadcasting your gameplay to friends, and using the  PS4 link app on the PSVita or the PlayStation App on smartphones and tablets  to incorporate a second screen experience. I am pretty excited myself having had one reserved since June. Are you interested in gaming consoles? If so, what looks the most interesting to you? For me, it’s the design of the console. If you’re not interested, how much buzz have you heard about the new consoles?

Find out more about the PlayStation 4 here, article by RollingStones 


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