First School Trimester Comes to a Close & Maintaining Character

So, the first trimester of my junior year ends this Monday. In terms of my Grade Point Average, I believe I fortunately maintained a high GPA, which is great. I’m happy I am the person I am because I know myself very well. I know the character that I maintain. My National Honors Society Adviser, Mrs. Gallen, told NHS members at our last meeting something I thought on afterwards. Staying in NHS requires to, of course, keep one’s grades at a passing level. But, staying in NHS also mean maintaining the character that you were recognized with. I think this is crucial. Not just to NHS but to many aspects of school and even life. More people should take their character more seriously and be true to themselves before being true to others.


Serial Killer/White Supremacist, Joseph Franklin, Executed in Missouri

Joesph Paul Franklin is a serial killer who killed 22 people between 1977 and 1980. He was executed on Wednesday morning after he was scheduled to be executed at midnight the previous day. This delay was because of court appeals. Franklin refused his last meal and gave no final statement upon his death. Franklin said, “I was doing the will of God.” I feel like people just like Franklin are like that because of how they grew up. I say this because I think one’s childhood has a strong effect on their future life. Of course, I don’t know his true motive, but that is what I think? What do you guys think?

Story reported by CNN

Sony Sells 1 Million PS4s on its Launch Day


Sony Computer Entertainment has said that they have sold one million PlayStation 4s in 24 hours. This is impressive being that the PS4 is only currently available in North America. This successful launch is record-breaking for Sony and possibly the entire industry. Andrew House, President and Group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, has said, “PS4 was designed with an unwavering commitment to gamers, and we are thrilled that consumer reaction has been so phenomenal.” The PS4’s major rival, the Xbox One, releases this Friday.

Story reported by Variety

Video Footage of near-Vertical Russian Plane Crash

The video has been described as dark and chilling. A Russian plane plummets to the ground after the pilot attempted to land. Thus, resulting in an almost completely vertical plane crash to the ground. The video has been played at the Kazan Airport in Russia. The crash apparently resulted in all 50 people on-board dead. The impact created a large and very overt fireball that can be seen in the video. There are many questions left unknown like how the pilot failed the second attempt to land. I was surprised that the footage was shown at airport itself. That would make me nervous and possibly upset. Do you feel that it was right for them to show this video of a plane falling straight to the ground creating a massive fireball in the mix?

Story reported by USA Today

Sprint and Best Buy gives Students a Year of Free Talk, Text, and Data

Signing up for a new line at Sprint, means you can get one year of free talk, text, and data plans for your smartphone. However, this offer is only limited to students. You would have to sign up between November 18th and January 4th, and purchase a smartphone (or feature phone) at its activated price. The average phone price is $530. That’s not including the $36 activation fee, taxes, and any other type of fees. Although expensive, I like this offer a lot. Being that more schools are allow technology uses in a more mobile way, this can really help some of those students who use internet related applications. Do you guys like the sound of this offer too?

Story reported by Cnet

PG-13 Gun Violence in US Movies Has Exceeded Past Rated-R Films

PG-13 moives has more than tripled since 1993. This study comes from American and Dutch University Researchers. The researchers suggest that movie writers increase the presence of weapons in movies because it appeals to the younger audience. This is exactly what I thought the reason for the increase was. This study doesn’t very much surprise me at all. I felt myself that PG-13 movies lately have been very violent. Some movies I were shocked to see that their ratings were PG-13 and not rated R. They also noted that sex scenes are more likely to appear in rated R movies than PG-13 films. Did this study surprise you, or did you also feel that the violence in PG-13 movies were dramatically increasing?

Story reported by Deadline

Sony PlayStation 4 Expected to Launch This Friday

Many gamers are anticipated to usher in a new generation of video games starting this Friday. The PlayStation 4 features a parallolgram like design. Sony is expected to sell at least 3 million by the end of the year, making for the largest launch for a PlayStation console. The PS4 has been in high demand and sold out in many places for months now. Players can expect many features come upon launch on Friday like streaming Netflix, downloading games in the background as you play, broadcasting your gameplay to friends, and using the  PS4 link app on the PSVita or the PlayStation App on smartphones and tablets  to incorporate a second screen experience. I am pretty excited myself having had one reserved since June. Are you interested in gaming consoles? If so, what looks the most interesting to you? For me, it’s the design of the console. If you’re not interested, how much buzz have you heard about the new consoles?

Find out more about the PlayStation 4 here, article by RollingStones 

10,000+ People Confirmed Dead from Philippines Typhoon

Typhoon Haiyan, the typhoon responsible for the horrific destruction of the central area of the Philippines, has left over a staggering 10,000 number of people confirmed dead, and 600,000 properties and buildings displaced and ruined. The destruction is apparently so devastating that it is hindering rescue squads and from landing properly to provide relief supplies and aid. This violent typhoon struck a heated debate on CNN about global warming, essentially man’s effect on natural climate. Many people believe that we don’t take care in our Earth well enough, and subsequently, we see an extremely large increase on the devastation level of these natural disasters. I personally believe this too. In this modern day, we are receiving some of the worst ever recorded natural disasters in history. They were never this bad, and it’s almost impossible to predict the tragic damage now. How much worse do you think it can get? A question I absolutely hate to ask but feel that I should. We cannot afford to ignore the reality of situations like this. My prayers go out to the many that have been affected by this tragedy.

Image and story reported by CNN

Movies vs. Books — The Appeal to Detail

Many would agree that books will give one more detail in narrative. I’ve personally became interesting reading Divergent by Veronica Roth. This may be because I found just recently found out about a film that their making of Divergent. I like to read books and then watch movies to compare and contrast the differences and similarities of the story. Obviously, the book is able to feed more into the reader, but I like to see what the director does to take as much powerful detail from the story and incorporate it into the movie as he/she can. However, I think a movie can be more exciting because the director is able to do a lot (depending on the budget I suppose) to exhibit all that imagery that the book is built off. I am researching this to see ways how books can be just as exciting as movies, and ways how movies can garner as much detail as books as ways to expand my idea of blogging a story. Do you guys think it’s possible for movies and books to do what each opposite does best?