Video Footage of near-Vertical Russian Plane Crash

The video has been described as dark and chilling. A Russian plane plummets to the ground after the pilot attempted to land. Thus, resulting in an almost completely vertical plane crash to the ground. The video has been played at the Kazan Airport in Russia. The crash apparently resulted in all 50 people on-board dead. The impact created a large and very overt fireball that can be seen in the video. There are many questions left unknown like how the pilot failed the second attempt to land. I was surprised that the footage was shown at airport itself. That would make me nervous and possibly upset. Do you feel that it was right for them to show this video of a plane falling straight to the ground creating a massive fireball in the mix?

Story reported by USA Today


10,000+ People Confirmed Dead from Philippines Typhoon

Typhoon Haiyan, the typhoon responsible for the horrific destruction of the central area of the Philippines, has left over a staggering 10,000 number of people confirmed dead, and 600,000 properties and buildings displaced and ruined. The destruction is apparently so devastating that it is hindering rescue squads and from landing properly to provide relief supplies and aid. This violent typhoon struck a heated debate on CNN about global warming, essentially man’s effect on natural climate. Many people believe that we don’t take care in our Earth well enough, and subsequently, we see an extremely large increase on the devastation level of these natural disasters. I personally believe this too. In this modern day, we are receiving some of the worst ever recorded natural disasters in history. They were never this bad, and it’s almost impossible to predict the tragic damage now. How much worse do you think it can get? A question I absolutely hate to ask but feel that I should. We cannot afford to ignore the reality of situations like this. My prayers go out to the many that have been affected by this tragedy.

Image and story reported by CNN

New Jersey becomes the 14th State to Allow Same-Sex Marriage

New Jersey governor, Chris Christie, dropped his administration’s efforts to end same-sex marriage. A lower court ruled that same-sex couples could begin getting married at midnight on Monday. Many couples took their vows at midnight during Monday.  My opinions on marriage are that people should be able to love and marry who their hearts desire. What are your opinions on marriage?

Story reported by USA Today

NSA collects millions of email addresses

NSA collects millions of email address books (most of them being Americans) globally for information regarding terrorists, drug smugglers, and traffickers. Shawn Turner, a spokesperson for the NSA, says that the NSA has no interest in the personal information of ordinary American citizens. Up to this point, the NSA has garnered tons of information from many people. What do you think their goal is with all that data?

Story reported by The Chicago Tribune

Military Grocery Stores Open Back Up Despite Government Shutdown

There are military grocery stores that were forced to shutdown due to the government shutdown reopened today. As a response to the shutdown, many employees were laid off. The defensive secretary made a decision to reopen the commissaries for this reason. 171 stores will reopen either this Monday or Tuesday. This is a great decision because the military needs resources, so I can see an exception being made for them.

Story Reported by USA Today

NASA will launch a 3D Printer into Space to Assist Astronauts

ImageNext year, NASA will be launching a 3D printer to the Space Station in hopes of giving astronauts more tools to work with. The printer will apparently give astronauts a “flying factory of infinite designs”. NASA is already working on 3D-printed mini satellites in their labs. These satellites are meant to be launched from the Space Station and then expected to send data back to Earth. 3D printing also helps NASA develop protective equipment like replacement rocket parts that can survive extreme temperature. I think this usage of 3D printing is really cool and intriguing. Do you think NASA’s creative 3D printing ideas will inspire others to forge their own unique 3D printing ideas?

Reported by FOX News

Fighting Continues in The Westgate Kenyan Mall


Four days after the very brutal shooting in The Westgate Mall in Nairobi, Kenya, the fighting is reported to still be raging on. There has been reported to be five gunmen, and a dead toll that has now reached 68 people (reported by CNN). Kenya’s interior ministry claims that they are “in control of Westgate,” and the Kenya National Disaster Operation Center has said that they believe all hostages have been released, and a report of 170+ people injured; 50+ people reported missing (reported by The New York Times).

A Blaze Attacks New Jersey

A fire started from what’s said to be a frozen custard shop in Seaside Heights, NJ. However, the actual cause of the fire is currently unknown (at the time of this article’s publishing). That’s amazing how just about a year after Hurricane Sandy damaged the boardwalk of Seaside Heights very heavily, a fire burns nearly two dozen businesses, causing significant damage. Fortunately, no very serious injuries were reported. There was a report of about 400 firefighters responding to the blaze. The firefighters are remarkable. I don’t believe they’re given enough credit for their job. It’s just as risky as going to war. They put their lives on the line for a safe, livable environment, just like true soldiers. My question to the readers: Do you believe firefighters are respected as much as veteran soldiers?

Here’s the link to the source of the article: Reported by USA Today