Serial Killer/White Supremacist, Joseph Franklin, Executed in Missouri

Joesph Paul Franklin is a serial killer who killed 22 people between 1977 and 1980. He was executed on Wednesday morning after he was scheduled to be executed at midnight the previous day. This delay was because of court appeals. Franklin refused his last meal and gave no final statement upon his death. Franklin said, “I was doing the will of God.” I feel like people just like Franklin are like that because of how they grew up. I say this because I think one’s childhood has a strong effect on their future life. Of course, I don’t know his true motive, but that is what I think? What do you guys think?

Story reported by CNN


PG-13 Gun Violence in US Movies Has Exceeded Past Rated-R Films

PG-13 moives has more than tripled since 1993. This study comes from American and Dutch University Researchers. The researchers suggest that movie writers increase the presence of weapons in movies because it appeals to the younger audience. This is exactly what I thought the reason for the increase was. This study doesn’t very much surprise me at all. I felt myself that PG-13 movies lately have been very violent. Some movies I were shocked to see that their ratings were PG-13 and not rated R. They also noted that sex scenes are more likely to appear in rated R movies than PG-13 films. Did this study surprise you, or did you also feel that the violence in PG-13 movies were dramatically increasing?

Story reported by Deadline

The Rapid Change in Technology — Good or Bad?

I think I speak for many people when I say that technology evolves quickly. So quickly that I think it doesn’t give people time to understand it. What I mean by that is technology isn’t the simplest thing for a lot of people to understand. It seems like once you get suited with you’re new gadget, there’s always a ‘successor’ or a better version of it that comes out later. The best examples of this is in the mobile phone industry. A new smartphone is introduced into its series annually now. If you just got an iPhone 5S, expect an iPhone 6 next year, and a 6S the year after. Also, now that Samsung’s Galaxy S and Note series has reach the same popularity of the iPhone, expect new versions of those every year too. Google’s flagship phone series, the Nexus, also will be a yearly product. I think companies see this as a way to take advantage of consumer’s ideology that these successors are critical to advancement. The idea used to be that if an invention was made, it would take a considerably long time to finalize it. Now, it’s about taking ideas and evolving them. Thus, makes for less innovation. Is this system good? I think companies like Apple should take more time to accumulate their ideas and decisions to make another innovative product like the original Apple iPhone. This system now is like an evident way for companies to feed off of consumers’ money.

People using Instagram to sell guns


Gun owners are taking advantage of social media sites to sell their firearms to people who are interested. Instagram’s policy doesn’t say anything about promoting guns on their network, which doesn’t make this act necessarily illegal. However, others may question if it’s right or not. Instagram is a public network, which means anyone can search for these weapons and see them (unless the profiles are set to private). Instagram also isn’t the only social network being used for this purpose. The Verge did a search on both Twitter and Facebook and got similar results. I personally think this shouldn’t be allowed because these are social networks not created for that particular purpose. If someone wants to sell their guns, they should do so on an appropriate site for selling firearms. What do you guys think?

Story reported by The Verge

Popular Storybook Elements

I’ve done research regarding certain story elements (plot, characters, themes, conflict, setting, etc.) and I was curious as to which element do people enjoy the most. Take the poll below to choose your answer.

Google will reportedly unveil their own smartwatch

With the smartwatch competition heating up with Samsung’s Galaxy Gear Smartwatch, Google is reportedly working on their own smartwatch. The smartwatch is most likely going to pair with one’s Android phone. The Google Nexus Watch is a rumored name for it. It’s also rumored to release later on this month next to the Nexus 5 and Android 4.4 KitKat.

Story reported by CNET

Marilyn Monroe’s Medical Records Will Be Auctioned

X-rays, notes, and more proof of cosmic surgery and a 1957 ectopic pregnancy done to Marilyn Monroe will auctioned. The auction will be done in California, and will be in the range of $15,000 to $30,000. I think this is expect and sort of practical in the celebrity world, even though one could find perhaps those same exact records leaked somewhere on the internet.

Story reported by NY Daily News

Advertisements Coming To Instagram in the Next Months

The popular photo publishing social networking app, Instagram, noted that ads will show up in their users’ timelines in the next coming months. Apparently, users will be able to hide or report ads they dislike, which is nice. There aren’t many services that allow that functionality. This may come as a shocker to many people, but it’s understandable to me since Instagram is a free service. Commercials and advertisements are an notorious annoyance to many people out there. Do ads bother you as much or do you just ignore them like myself?

Story Reported by The Verge

The Unusual: Toad Attempts to Swallow an Entire Bat

cane-toad-batIn Peru, a northwestern park ranger saw a bizarre sight of a bat being swallowed whole by a cane toad. Yufani Olaya, the ranger, took a photo this crazy scene. Olaya shared the photo with biologist Phil Torres. Torres noted that these types of toads eat a variety of species. However, it’s very rare to see them eat a bat. Although toads are know to wait outside of caves, fringe-lipped bats, have also been known to eat toads. Fortunately for the bat, he was able to escape from the toad’s mouth after the toad gave up from swallowing.

Story reported by Fox News. Photo credit goes to Yufani Olaya.

Coldplay’s “Atlas” is the leading song of “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” Official Soundtrack


Coldplay debuted their new song, “Atlas”, a few weeks ago as apart of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire official soundtrack. Catching Fire the highly anticipated sequel of The Hunger Games. Ellie Goulding and Lana Del Rey are two other artists rumored to appear on the soundtrack. Analysts predict Catching Fire to gross a massive $950 million at box office.