First School Trimester Comes to a Close & Maintaining Character

So, the first trimester of my junior year ends this Monday. In terms of my Grade Point Average, I believe I fortunately maintained a high GPA, which is great. I’m happy I am the person I am because I know myself very well. I know the character that I maintain. My National Honors Society Adviser, Mrs. Gallen, told NHS members at our last meeting something I thought on afterwards. Staying in NHS requires to, of course, keep one’s grades at a passing level. But, staying in NHS also mean maintaining the character that you were recognized with. I think this is crucial. Not just to NHS but to many aspects of school and even life. More people should take their character more seriously and be true to themselves before being true to others.


Professional Status

I want to commit myself to improving my profession essence. Doing this will make others look to me with confidence, and think something like, “he really knows how to manage himself well.” That’s the kind of attitude I would want others to have when their speaking or thinking of me. There’s something rewarding and satisfying when you have the true respect of others. Do you guys believe the same?

Analyzing Rhetoric

Yesterday, I completed my very first essay/analysis of someone using rhetorical language. I felt that it was a very interesting topic to write and analyze on. I don’t know how well I did, but I feel that I wrote my analysis really well based on positive feedback from my rough draft. Have you ever done a rhetorical language analysis? If not, does it sound interesting enough that you would try it?

Effective Advertising – Professional

In my AP Literature class a couple weeks ago, we discussed the three appeals originally from the Greeks. These three appeals (Ethos, Logos, and Pathos) is what people use to argue or persuade an audience to believe something. This is evidently seen in advertising. Companies will use one (or all) of these appeals to connect to their audience. To sum things up in a simple context, ethos is personally connecting to the audience to persuade. Logos is persuasion through logic. Pathos is connecting to the audience through their emotions, and this appeal is what many advertisers specifically aim for. When you find that you can grab someone emotional, they’ll really pay attention to you. That’s how the animal abuse commercials get so much talk. The emotions they pull from those commercials are poignant.

Community Service Act

I plan on working for an office in Yeadon, PA as a community service act. It will be nice to assist others in some fashion. I believe I would be doing some office work on the computer or perhaps, being an secretary of some sorts. Either way, I will be helping a group of people towards their goal. I enjoy doing community service because it makes me feel useful in my community, which is great.


Each and everyday, I feel as though I become more professional in my life. Not just in school but in life in general. I always try to dress nicely, speak eloquently, and behave in a natural, likable manner. I enjoy living a lifestyle like this because I feel as though people will respect you more and hold you to a higher standard. Do you feel this way too?

Cool Graphics: Minimalism



Minimalism is a really cool artistic form of graphic designing that I may pursue down the road. It really stands out to me as a unique form of art. Minimalistic art doesn’t have to be extravagant or eye-popping. It’s more of simplicity and neatness. Minimalism usually doesn’t usually have an extreme color scheme. There’s usually just 2 or 3 colors (like the photo above), straight lines or geometric shapes, and some minimal message or design with not much else. What’s your favorite art style or design?

Induction Into The National Honors Society

ImageToday, I will be officially inducted into The Nation Honors Society. An organization that greatly benefits my student persona. This induction for me means great things as colleges and future organizations see that I am one who takes their responsibilities seriously. I am very honored to be viewed as a member of a prestigious organization such as NHS. I wonder what this means for other prominent events for my career. I gain a lot of confidence from being accepted. How much confidence do you gain from being accepted into your organizations, events, and/or teams?

Graphic Designing and Computer Programming

Firstly, I’d like to say that graphic designing is just one of my main career paths. I equally like to be a video game designers or programmer also. I’d like to work for a big electronics company like Google, Samsung, or Sony. Why would I like to pursue these careers? I am heavily interested in technology and the science behind it. I am always updating myself on the latest gadgets being announced. It’s something I have always enjoyed doing. Along side that, I’ve always liked graphics and art. Whether it’s physical or digital art, I have a strong interest for it. So, I thought to maybe conjoin those two career paths and be graphic designer who designs promos or presentations for a large electronics company.

Core Values

Compassion. Curiosity. Courage. Integrity. Perseverance. What do these values mean? These values are a way to structure oneself to prepare them for a large endeavor–life. You may believe these values are only important to school or a job or a passion, but they attribute to much more. They reflect your future, your life. There a clear way to live life. A stationary code of ideas to life of off. Compassion is having empathy and sympathy for others. It’s having respect for the people who are struggling and the ones who have got to where they desired to be. It’s having the ability to work with others, regardless of disagreement of opinions or beliefs or ideas. It’s having respect for their separate, but rational insight. Curiosity is being interested in the world. It’s having inquiries about how things work and how they operate; how other people view the world they are in and how they behave. It’s asking questions about those things because it’s beneficial to know more, because then you’ll understand more. Integrity is having respect to yourself when your inconspicuous of others. It’s not just doing the right thing when others aren’t looking, it’s trust to others that you’ll remain in your character as respect to others when necessary. Perseverance is having the stamina to strive through your endeavor to accomplish your purpose. It’s when you keep doing what is necessary to reflect getting through your obstacles to the position you want to be in.