Movies vs. Books — The Appeal to Detail

Many would agree that books will give one more detail in narrative. I’ve personally became interesting reading Divergent by Veronica Roth. This may be because I found just recently found out about a film that their making of Divergent. I like to read books and then watch movies to compare and contrast the differences and similarities of the story. Obviously, the book is able to feed more into the reader, but I like to see what the director does to take as much powerful detail from the story and incorporate it into the movie as he/she can. However, I think a movie can be more exciting because the director is able to do a lot (depending on the budget I suppose) to exhibit all that imagery that the book is built off. I am researching this to see ways how books can be just as exciting as movies, and ways how movies can garner as much detail as books as ways to expand my idea of blogging a story. Do you guys think it’s possible for movies and books to do what each opposite does best?

Writing Stories – Character and Themes

My poll had just 2 voters, but the results are still as I expected. I thought people would vote for liking compelling characters in a story the most, but the other voter chose deep meaning and themes. I agree with this. Although I like seeing how the main character overcomes his primary conflict(s), I like discovering the lesson learned in the end, and having those interesting characters make it even more exciting to find out. When I write my story, I will try to focus a lot on creating compelling characters that discover something very meaningful at the end of the story. I have already asked what you find the most interesting story element is. So, I’ll now I’ll ask what kind of reflection/moral learned do you enjoy seeing in characters in the end? Wistful? Satisfied? Vengeful? Unforgiving?

Creating a Narrative

I have been researching on how authors like to write stories. This is actually something I have thought on for quite a long time. Taking ideas that happen in your life typically through the day is a way of structuring a story and a theme. Although, fiction is not real, some fictional stories still have understandable stories, conflicts, and themes from life. That’s how we’re able to understand the story. Imagination is the key with fiction. My imaginative ideas are what will guide me to make my characters and setting.

[Special Topic] The genre of my story will be fiction. So why Fiction?

Specifically between 2008 and 2009, fiction was the most popular book genre (source link). I was sort of anticipating that it would be fiction, mainly because with fiction, will can really open their ideas through compelling storytelling. It’s that kind of imagination that attracts the reader to the story. It’s having characters that you continue to think about even after you close the book for the day, and the story that you forge so many predictions about because you’re enthusiastic about the possibilities. As well as, the deep meanings you discover from the story that appeals to the things in life itself. With fiction, you can really go beyond what reality limits, while at the same time, retaining the same themes when find in life.

The Choosen Topic for My Proposal and Research

I have chose to write a great story with characters that readers care about. I chose it because I like writing a lot and I have gotten great feedback in the past about my writing. My topic will affect all my blog readers simply because that’s what blogging is mainly about–blogging is giving your story out or creating ideas worthy to present to the public. The level of difficulty will be intermediate because I am used to blogging but not to a level where I have to keep a cohesive story with my audience. It’s a unique thing to blogging.

5 Topics for My Proposal and Research

  • I have an idea for an app for tablets, smartphones, and other devices I think the public would enjoy.
  • I’d like to write a great story that will feature intriguing and compelling characters, with a deep story exploring the meaning of life.
  • I want to experiment on what makes students work efficiently and effectively the best when working.
  • I haven’t been watching the news very much lately. I think there should be something that catching people’s attention with the news better.
  • I think geometry is my favorite subject in mathematics (even though I dislike math in general). I think certain sub-categories of math should be separated. Take economics for example.