Sony Sells 1 Million PS4s on its Launch Day


Sony Computer Entertainment has said that they have sold one million PlayStation 4s in 24 hours. This is impressive being that the PS4 is only currently available in North America. This successful launch is record-breaking for Sony and possibly the entire industry. Andrew House, President and Group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, has said, “PS4 was designed with an unwavering commitment to gamers, and we are thrilled that consumer reaction has been so phenomenal.” The PS4’s major rival, the Xbox One, releases this Friday.

Story reported by Variety


Sprint and Best Buy gives Students a Year of Free Talk, Text, and Data

Signing up for a new line at Sprint, means you can get one year of free talk, text, and data plans for your smartphone. However, this offer is only limited to students. You would have to sign up between November 18th and January 4th, and purchase a smartphone (or feature phone) at its activated price. The average phone price is $530. That’s not including the $36 activation fee, taxes, and any other type of fees. Although expensive, I like this offer a lot. Being that more schools are allow technology uses in a more mobile way, this can really help some of those students who use internet related applications. Do you guys like the sound of this offer too?

Story reported by Cnet

Sony PlayStation 4 Expected to Launch This Friday

Many gamers are anticipated to usher in a new generation of video games starting this Friday. The PlayStation 4 features a parallolgram like design. Sony is expected to sell at least 3 million by the end of the year, making for the largest launch for a PlayStation console. The PS4 has been in high demand and sold out in many places for months now. Players can expect many features come upon launch on Friday like streaming Netflix, downloading games in the background as you play, broadcasting your gameplay to friends, and using the  PS4 link app on the PSVita or the PlayStation App on smartphones and tablets  to incorporate a second screen experience. I am pretty excited myself having had one reserved since June. Are you interested in gaming consoles? If so, what looks the most interesting to you? For me, it’s the design of the console. If you’re not interested, how much buzz have you heard about the new consoles?

Find out more about the PlayStation 4 here, article by RollingStones 

Samsung’s Smartphones will have Higher Resolutions in the Next Years

While it feels like we were just getting comfortable with 1080p smartphone displays, Samsung is expected to have a WQHD (2560 x 1440) display in their next major flagship next year. That is nearly double the pixels of a 1080p screen. What’s even more astounding than that is that Samsung plans to hit “Ultra HD” or 4K resolution on their smartphones in 2015. All this, while companies like Samsung are also experimenting with angled displays. Most recently, they have revealed their curved-display smartphone, the Galaxy Round. The Round is going for about $1,000! I suppose that’s understandable based off of how new technology debuts to the public. It usually often starts expensive. Then, the competition bring prices down. What are your opinions on the price of new technology?

Story report by The Verge

Apple’s 5th Generation iPad to be Unveiled Today

Today, at 1pm eastern time, Apple is set reveal their next generation iPad at their event in San Francisco that features the tagline, “We still have a lot to cover.” New rumors regarding the new iPad (and apparently other new generation Apple products too) have surfaced online. These rumors vary from the new iPad having a better retina display to the size being similar to the iPad Mini. Apple noted in their tagline that they have many things they still need to show, including possibly new Macs and updated OS software. I don’t feel like the 5th generation iPad will be a major overhaul over the last generation. I think this upgrade will be small bits. What do you guys think?

Story reported by GottaBeMobile


Apple hires Burberry CEO, Angela Ahrendts

Burberry CEO hire a ‘coup’ for Apple. Apple wants new management for their retail and online presence. Angela Ahrendts historical success with Burberry has been excellent with Burberry’s sales figures rising tremendously during Ahrendts’ tenure. Apple says that they need someone like Ahrendts to do this job as Apple’s competition in the smartphone industry gets more intense with companies like Google and Samsung stepping up. Ahrendts will start her position with Apple Inc. in the spring.

Story reported by USA Today

Google adds public transit to Google Glass

With Google’s latest Google Glass update, users with the Glass Explorer Edition will find public transit directions. Apparently, Glass gives the user a lot of useful information like where to change trains, how far to walk to a bus stop, and how long it will take to reach your final destination. Google says that you will need an Android phone to utilize public transit. I think this feature is really cool, and I’m excited to see what other features Google decides to add to Glass.

Story reported by The Verge

Google, Apple, Microsoft and Other Large Companies Support NSA and FBI’s Transparency Bills

Dozens of companies like Apple and Microsoft signed a letter that ultimately says that NSA (National Security Agency) can use technologies and services from these companies at limited request. Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, eBay, Yahoo, and many other tech giants all signed the letter. Apparently, the NSA’s “PRISM” Surveillance program allows for the NSA to secure data from these companies. For instance, the NSA would be acquiring video and voice calls from Skype Technologies, owned by Microsoft Corporation. How do you feel about this situation of privacy? Do you feel comfortable with these possible exploitation of your privacy? The US Government’s

Story reported by The Verge

Apple sells 9 Million New iPhone 5S’s and 5C’s in its First Weekend


Apple’s biggest iPhone release ever has resulted in their most successful. The sales of the new models have nearly doubled the sales of the previous generation of iPhones already. Apple sold 5 million iPhone 5’s last year during its first weekend, and now, their demand has exceeded supply. Analysts predicted Apple would sell between 5-8 million iPhones this year, and yet their sales have surpassed those predictions. I think this could be strongly because of the new iPhone 5C model. This was a strong move by Apple considering the 5S model can be too expensive for many. Good reception from Apple’s new iOS 7 operating system update could also be breaching that success too.

Here’s the source; reported by The New York Times

Video Games Improves Your Intelligence

Business Insider has garnered 11 ways video games can improve health and smartness. These ways were gathered by research made from various universities and scientists. Some of the benefits include: Vision improvement, quicker decision making, and improvement for a surgeon’s laparoscopic skills. Typically, video games are given a bad rep because of them often being a culprit for violence or time-wasting. Here’s another reason to reconsider those ideas:

Source: Reported by Business Insider